The Fall is a localized gaming group made from the Highschool Senior Class of 2008 at Cookeville High School.

The group was first established to seek out the help of hardcore gamers who could help out as a prioritized team. The beginning list of games to compete in were; Halo Wars, Halo Series, Gears of War Series and Borderlands Series.

Eventually with more time Minecraft as well as Destiny and so forth became more possible.

Finally branching out to doing Movie nights, dinners, and even The Walking Dead Parties. As well as playing games in-between. Even tabletop games like Apples to Apples and D&D became options.

Jet Joined this group back in 2007 when it was first budding, he was invited by VoidBlackScarab under the Gamertag Jetstream_729. Jet's initiation wasn't planned but was inspired by his fight in Halo Reach when the rest of the group failed in a very hard level of Firefight to get the scarab's their Onyx. Jet was the only one left standing and beat 3 Heavily Equipped Brutes juggling in succession without dying.

Winning the praise of his peers he was accepted as part of the group and was able to receive two group shirts after a long period of being with them and a hoodie shortly after the events of the darkest moment.

The group was mostly managed by SageGreenScarab as the Figurehead of the Leaders. Navy and Blood would mostly have a say-so in any other activities or obligations.

After their graduations and into college began the abilities of having a facebook group became the next big step from the xbox live parties since the memberships were growing slowly by the year.

This further implied the use of outsourcing to receive members not locally in the area. Eventually opening the use of media and news to the group. In the end making fun games for the group and basically a neural hub for the members to pool ideas and plan for their next raid or game run.